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CH-2926 Boncourt

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This perfectly equipped industrial building has a total area of ​​3690 m2 comprising about 200 m2 of administrative areas. Built in 2007, it is completely independent of the site on which it is installed. Its technical equipment allows the installation of many different activities: - Power: a transformer station for construction with 2 transformers of 1,000 kVA each. - Supply of natural gas: the building has a natural gas network and counting. - Water supply: water inlet with a pressure of 7.0 bars provided by the town of Boncourt. - Water Network softened: the building has a UV water treatment plant with 2 columns BWT brand softeners, and a 20 m3 tank storage softened water. - Heating: heating the building is hot air circulated by the ventilation, the different offices have their own heating / air conditioning systems. - Steam: a network to 8.5 bar pressure and a 4.5 bar system are supplied from the main plant site. - Cold production: from an outbuilding on the site, two brand refrigeration compressors YORK to ammonia, with a compressor power of 1,200 KW cold (256 KW electric) power the air conditioning systems. - Compressed air: a network of compressed air 6 bar pressure is supplied from the main plant site. - Ventilation systems / air conditioning large capacities. - Air Extraction: the building is equipped with an air extraction system with HEPA filters to control air quality. This part of the building is isolated from other parts of the building by watertight doors. - Cold room for low temperature storage: the building is equipped with a cold storage room, as used in the food industry. It has its own ventilation system and can be used for the storage of dangerous goods. - Wastewater treatment plant: to control the quality of its wastewater, the building is equipped with its own water treatment plant. The facility is designed to control and regulate the pH levels. The building is ready for production processes which utilize substances that can not be discharged into the public sewer system. Ideal for industrial processes requiring high hygiene and safety standards or involving hazardous substances. The proximity of the French and German borders is an advantage for international trade. Ability to integrate the processes that need attention in terms of hygiene and cleanliness (pharmaceutical or food). The building is particularly suitable for industrial equipment. The penny ceiling height is more than enough for most industrial machines can be installed. The floor of the plant was designed to use space most effectively and allow greater flexibility. Plans available on request.


Boncourt is a small town of 1,300 inhabitants located in the canton of Jura. The village is ideally situated in the center of Europe directly on the French border, just 50 km from the German border. The town is well connected to the French and Swiss motorway and rail networks.


Railway station
Railway terminal
Highway entrance/exit
Inside conveniences
Air conditioning
Internet connection
Cable canals
Waste water connection
Very good


Industrial building
No.of floors
Year of construction
Surface of parcel
24000 sqm
Total surface
3690 sqm
Useful surface
3632 sqm
Local offices surface
200 sqm
Industrial premises surface
3490 sqm
Heating system
Domestic water heating system
Heating installation
Warm air