Flexible storage space rental for professionals

Does your company need temporary or permanent storage space? Do you store your goods on pallets? No problem, Gestilog offers you the solution. Our warehouses have sufficient capacity.

Gain in efficiency and make savings with your company. Whether it's for storing your archives, your sales staff's stock, as intermediate storage or as a small logistics hub. Flexible storage solution for small or large companies, we rent storage space.

At Gestilog, you have the choice from small (1 m²) to large (1000 m² and more). And this, for a short period (1 week) or long, according to your needs. Our warehouses have an individual alarm and are protected from the eyes of others. Our premises are under video surveillance.

You can store your merchandise without worrying.

5 good reasons to store at Gestilog :

Duration from one week, or as long as you wish
Size adapted to your needs
Alarm system and video surveillance
Dry and tempered premises
We help you organize your transportation